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AGENCY – UrsaClemenger
CLIENT – Atacand
STYLIST – Janai Anselmi

‘Some things just belong together,’ Atacand’s tag line, is immediately comprehendible at first glance in these idiosyncratic ads. The stylized set builds and kooky talent support the concept, and draw attention to its specific elements. The unification of our talent and their environments adds to the overall comical yet lovable feel intended to brighten up the day of medical professionals.


In order to achieve this, we needed to fashion a space that would compliment the quirkiness of the characters, be reminiscent of their own environment and of course work conceptually. We shot this in studio to allow for the expanse of wall that the layouts required, which also gave us the freedom to strip back or clutter up the sets as needed. Existing studio flats were decorated with paper from Janai’s favourite vintage wallpaper suppliers. Furniture and props were an amalgamation of 70’s, 80’s and tacky contemporary designs and were sourced from eBay, Gumtree, auction and prop houses, western suburbs outlets and friends and family.


Jeremy found some amazing talent for us to style, in such a way that they’d appear quirky and odd yet likable. John ‘Elvis’ Collins has been an Elvis impersonator for over 20yrs, his wife Alison often plays Priscilla alongside his act. He had an amazing store of costumes that we could draw from. We folded, cinched and stuffed one until it worked on Alison’s tiny frame.

Pamela has been a prize winning Bichon Frise breeder of for most of her life. Many of the quirky dog related props we brought from her house. Her standard daily attire (black velour tracksuit) didn’t work with our aesthetic so she required a wardrobe overhaul! The hair’s her own doing, a daily style set and maintained daily.


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