Check Out

PHOTOGRAPHER – Steven Popovich
PUBLICATION – 1am magazine
STORY – Check Out
MAKE UP – Margo Regan

HAIR - Dale Delporte
FASHION – Janai Anselmi

All elements, controlled and otherwise, came together for Check Out, a street inspisred, grungy story shot by Steve Popovich and Janai for 1am in what can only be described as a haunted house a way out of Sydney.


Janai discovered this run-down historic hotel that was built in 1924 and won an award for ‘Most luxurious hotel in the Commonwealth’ in 1925. This stately building has since been converted into a Country Club, WRAAF base, hospice, school and monastery and back to a form of hotel. Although you probably wouldn’t want to spend the night here alone it provided the perfect base for this editorial spread.


The team battled with rain and wind all day, which in turn added to the feel of this story. Originally intended as a structured winter woollen story it evolved into something more ethereal and gothic inspired thanks to Mother Nature and the surrounds. 


Heavily featuring Zambesi, Kate Sylvester, Zimmermann, Alex Perry, Ginger & Smart and Strateas Carlucci, Janai layered leather, tartans, lace and metallic apparel with studded and statement footwear. For maximum impact Margo created dark smoky eyes and natural coloured bushy brows on Top Model Eva Downey, while Dale worked damp and textured hair into each overcast scenario.