Fairfax | Julian WolkensteinFairfax | Julian WolkensteinFairfax | Julian Wolkenstein


PHOTOGRAPHER – Julian Wolkenstein
CLIENT – Fairfax
STYLIST – Janai Anselmi

This campaign for Fairfax was shot on three 1m square set builds. The first of which was a mirrored surface and tiled wall. Most of the props were shot in situ on the set and the talent separately.


The second execution was similarly done. Janai tiled a wall and used a marble surface on which most props were shot. The furniture and props that appear inside the jar were shot separately and scaled down.


The final instalment in the series was a set build consisting of a wooden hall table and wallpapered back wall. The shelves and Barcelona arm chair where shot separately and scaled down. The lamp, vase, water bottle, mouse wheel and fish tank all shot together in situ. Janai modified the fish tank by removing the panel of glass on the front. She had extra sheets of glass on standby with hammered holes and cracks to drop into shot.