Lime Creative | Steve Greenaway

Limehouse Creative

PHOTOGRAPHER – Steve Greenaway
AGENCY – Limehouse Creative
HAIR & MAKE UP – Margo Regan
STYLIST – Jo Ayling

Jo, Emma and Margo crammed into a tiny flat in Bondi, to convert Clark Kent into a waster. The concept, brainchild of creative Tom Rose, ‘Need a New Lease on Life?’ is clearly illustrated in this tragically good Superman-turned-security guard scenario.


It took a fair amount of time to move all the furniture around and then tidy up the flat in order to trash it again. Our glamorous props list amongst many other things included discarded cigarette butts, ashtrays, left over take away food and containers, booze bottles and old papers.


We decided towards the end of the shoot to do the same to the kitchen hence the beautifully filthy effect in the background.