Paypal Android

DIRECTOR – Adrian Brown
AGENCY – Isobar
CLIENT – Paypal Android
ART DEPT & WARDROBE – Jo Ayling & Liz Kavanagh

Director Adrian Brown introduces us to Bling Baron, Maxi Mum, Tech Ed and Quick Click Queen, all of whom have really stepped up their game thanks to PayPal’s key benefits. We see how each of these characters uses PayPal to do what they do best – through their perspective.


Jo and the team took care of costume and props. Wardrobe was a fun mix of classic, fashion forward, over the top bling and geeky chic with daggy tracksuits, pimped up suiting, excessive accessories and multiple changes.


Props such as robotic arms, laser pointers, gold plated loupes and over sized studded Chihuahua collars were sourced from all over Sydney and a few speciality props like the gold briefcase were made and modified by the team.