PHOTOGRAPHER – Danny Eastwood
STYLIST – Jo Ayling

The AWARD awards, a giant pencil template and enough takeaway food to sink a small ship!


Jo joined Danny in studio to work on visualising this years brief courtesy of Leo Burnett, stating; ‘People focus on the glamour of awards, but every trophy is underpinned by huge amounts of hard work. There are late nights…and there is shitty food.’


Danny set out to recreate the infamous AWARD pencil using purely takeaway food in containers. In order to achieve this through camera Danny calculated the dimensions of the containers to fit the scaled up mark up of the pencil on the studio floor. Jo looked into all manor of takeaway food and it’s colouration, which needed to match the subtle graduations and shading of the pencil.


A huge first order was put in at local Indian, Thai, African, Pizza and Sushi establishments. It soon became apparent the quantity required was twice that of what we initially thought.


After a long day of orders, deliveries and pick ups the pencil came together splendidly. We were eating left overs for days and the studio still smells like curry.