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Blue Velvet

PUBLICATION – Koncierge Magazine
STORY - Blue Velvet
HAIR - Chris Coonrod
MAKE UP - Isabella Schimid

STYLIST – Janai Anselmi

Juli approached Janai with an idea for a nude lingerie shoot, which gradually evolved into a sumptuous palette of rich textured interiors and contrasting toned accessories.


The hunt for a model was tricky. We wanted someone with a smaller bust to suit the triangle shaped bras but who was not too thin or angular for the plush setting.


The original publication we pitched the story for had used Mali previously and didn’t want to use her again. After an extensive casting process we established that Mali really was the only girl for the job and therefore dropped the original publication that couldn’t be swayed. We loved her slightly 70’s look and frame.


The furnishings were a mixture of Ebay vintage pieces and modern designer props. The palette of very dirty muted blues and browns contrasting perfectly with restrained pops of colour.