Southern Comfort

DIRECTOR – Jesse James McElroy
AGENCY – Naked Communications
CLIENT – Southern Comfort
WARDROBE – Janai Anselmi & Jo Ayling

We all rekindled our love of 80’s cheesy music shooting this Southern Comfort spot. The campaign brings the brand's evolved idea of 'as comfortable as you are' to life, and shows a hero character (Chester) who is at his most comfortable when he's enthusiastically singing Spandau Ballet's hit song 'True' in the middle of his local pub.


“The truth is every group of friends has a character who loves to belt out a classic ballad from time to time and generally their friends love them for it. We wanted to celebrate these people, and our hero Chester does them proud. He may not be pitch perfect, but he's comfortable with his skills and he wants to share them. The whole spot is down to earth, relatable and unpretentious - just like Southern Comfort.” Jon Burden, executive creative director, Naked Communications.


Wardrobe was mix of everyday cool attire mixed with slightly daggy yet likeable costume for Chester.